MOREBEAT was founded in 2012 by a man who has more than 20 years of extensive experience in the speaker and headset industry. Today, it has flourished into a factory that has three flagship products—the MORBEAT Version 1, 2, and 3.

The company is prepared to undertake manufacturing tasks, especially white-label products, to deliver



headsets of the highest quality that serves the interests of music devotees around the world. Below are some reasons why a brand must choose MOREBEAT as its manufacturer of OEM products.

High Standards of Quality

As a China headphone supplier, MOREBEAT faces a daunting challenge that many Chinese manufacturers fear: being stereotyped as low quality producer. All around the world, many people think that Chinese manufacturers can only produce cheap products that won’t last.

MOREBEAT is more than this. The company has secured multiple certifications from different global entities. One of these is a certificate from the FCC. The Federal Communications Commission is an American entity that regulates communication channels in the U.S. Being issued a certificate by this
prestigious organization means that the company complies with its standards.

The company is also a holder of ISO 14001:2015. It is a global standard pertaining to the environmental consequences of manufacturing. Being issued a certificate of compliance to this standard means that the company is an advocate of “green earth” and that no by-products of the manufacturing process are harmful to nature.

Premiere Flagship Products

The company first launched its quality china headphone in MOREBEAT 1 back in 2012. It is a headphone whose design was focused on noise cancellation. A headset like this will amplify the sounds from any mobile device—be it an iPhone, an android device, or a laptop.

The noise cancelling technology significantly reduces sounds that come from the outside world, thereby allowing the person to focus on the audio that he is listening to without distraction.

The company did not stop there. It created better versions of MOREBEAT and it is now on the third version. This time, the technology and the design were both improved, delivering a better experience to the end-user with a style that is apt with the trends.

Fully Equipped Factory

MOREBEAT sits on a 1,500 square-meter factory. The site is fully functional and is equipped with an automated production system that can yield 40,000 speakers and 12,000 headsets.

The staff members are highly trained professionals who can facilitate various equipment tests for headsets and speakers. These audio equipment tests are mandatory requirements in the design and prototype development process.

Each product will go through rigorous tests that a client necessitates. Included in these tests are cable strain test, sound signal test, insulative and conductive tests, and headphone plug performance.


MOREBEAT is the go-to place for any company looking for an OEM headphone factory. The company is ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead. The management also understands that a new product developer can never compromise quality as it is the very foundation of what will make a new brand achieve more sales.

At the end of the day, MOREBEAT can take away a significant chunk of the headache that the manufacturing process entails. Outsourcing your manufacturing needs to MOREBEAT will eliminate the mundane yet necessary element of product manufacturing. As such, you can focus your efforts on marketing, sales, and other product developments to augment your brand portfolio.

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