Morbeat is a China headphone manufacturer company which was established by Mr. Wu in 2012 on the basis of his long personal experience in this field. He worked for 20 years for making headphones and speakers. The factory was started to manufacture high-quality speakers but they have started manufacturing noise cancelling headphones from 2016. In 2018 they have improved the quality of their noise cancelling headphones so that their users can get the best results. Today, Morbeat is one of the best headphone OEM design factory in China.

If you want to be successful in dealing in headphones in wholesale then you must know how to find the quality headphone suppliers in China. While finding the best supplier you will have to consider several things including the MOQ of the supplier along with packing and customization of headphones. The information provided here under can be helpful for you in this regard.

Finding the headphone suppliers in China

It can be easy to find quality headphone suppliers in China as headphones come under the category of consumer electronics. You only have to find out the professional suppliers of headsets supplying electronic product in wholesale at various exhibitions in China. Moreover you can also get headphones in bulk from the suppliers of the accessories of mobile phones and speakers. You can find headphone suppliers in

Guangzhou, Yiwu and Shenzhen as Shenzhen is the hub of the China headphone manufacturers. You can also visit headphone OEM design factory in this region to talk to their suppliers.

Know the minimum order quantity or MOQ of suppliers regarding different headphones

The MOQ for different types of headphones c



an be different. For instance, if MOQ for SKU headphone is 100 then it can be 60 or 80 for the headphones of larger size and more than 200 for smaller headphones. The MOQ can be up to 500 if you want to customize the pattern and logo of the headphones of your choice.

Selection of packaging of headphones

Most of the China headphone manufacturers package their headphones in OPP bags but some include the cost of packaging in their quotation and provide better packaging. So if you want better packaging of headphones at additional cost then you can ask your suppliers to instruct headphone OEM design factory in this regard. But you will have to increase your MOQ to change the packaging of your headphones as they have to instruct the packaging company accordingly. But if you do not want to increase your MOQ then you can outsource a packaging company in China for packaging your headphones. You can also opt to send your headphones to the quality headphone suppliers of your choice to get them packaged free of cost.

Customization of headphones

Though it is not feasible to customize headphones due to their smaller size still some of the suppliers can customize your headphones in three different ways including:

Customization of logo: Changing the logo of the headphones is one of the easiest ways to customize them. You can print new logo on both sides of your headphones to customize their logo, if they are made of plastic. However to customize metal headphones, laser can be used to engrave new logo on both sides of the headset. You can also print some cool design on both the headsets to customize it more easily.Customize of packaging: Changing the packaging of the headphones is another popular way to customize them. They can use fancy packaging to replace basic packaging of OPP bags or simple boxes to pack them. You can also ask your suppliers to change the design your packages as per your preferences. In fact, the customized packaging of your headphones will make them look very attractive than normal packaging for your customers. Moreover, it will make the marketing of your headphones easier as their aesthetic packaging will make them more attractive for your customers.


Being one of the leading China headphone manufacturers. Morbeat focuses on manufacturing high quality headphones in its headphone OEM design factory. They can provide you headphones as per your requirement. They can also help you in finding the quality headphone suppliers in China on the basis of their reputation and experience in this field. They can customize the headphones of your choice as per your requirement to make it easier for you to market them.