Helmet Bluetooth Earphone

Bluetooth: 4.1+EDR CSR8635
Battery: 450MAH
Charging voltage/current: DC5V/190ma
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Amplifier: HT4832SQ
Working time: about 10 hours
Mobile phone connection distance: 50 meters

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1. The main body of the helmet is mounted, compared with the built-in type (the battery is located on the earphone), the internal earphone is thinner, does not squeeze the ear, and is more comfortable;

2. The main unit contains a larger capacity battery up to 450mAh (the built-in type is about 250mAh), which makes the standby time and working time of the whole machine longer;

3. Fix the main unit with screws and bayonet. (The built-in type usually uses glue or Velcro), which makes the main unit installation tighter and during high-speed riding it is not easy to fall off;