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When looking for a quality headset that serves its purpose well beyond your expectations, it is crucial that buyers take no risks. With a long list of suppliers and manufacturers, all kinds of headsets are available on shelves in retail stores. It can be confusing for a buyer trying to choose one out of hundreds of different options and hence easy to make the wrong choice.

As a retail electronics shop owner, it is imperative that you stock good quality headsets in a bid to gain credibility among your clients. But how do you know who to source from? Well, have a track record for supplying the best high-quality headsets. With a large and diverse client base spread all over the world, we have proven trustworthy as reliable quality headset suppliers. Read on to find out all about the headsets we supply.

What are headsets?

Headsets are more like headphones. Only difference is that a headset has an additional mouthpiece or a microphone. This makes it possible to use the headset both to listen and to speak.

Materials used to manufacture headsets

A headset may look like a simple electronic gadget but it takes a lot to make one. Materials used to manufacture headsets include,

. Artificial leather
. Foam
. Silicone-hypoallergenic and medical grade
. Polycarbonate-PC
. Rubber
. PET-Polyester
. ABS-acrylic Onitrile-butadiene-styrene
. Textile
. Slow memory foam
. EVA-Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

The list above includes the main materials used to make various parts which constitute the headset.

What are headsets used for?

Headsets serve two main purposes. You can use them to listen and to speak. In a customer care center, for instance, headsets make it possible for attendants to listen to their clients, respond to their concerns and type on their computers at the same time.

On the other hand, gamers who are also very fond of using headsets are able to play with other gamers online enabling them to hold conversations and talk with their online competitors.

Why we are the best quality headset suppliers

You should choose us as your China headset manufacturer of choice because;

. We make top quality headsets-We source our materials from only the best producers in the world
. Crude materials- We make our products from scratch using quality raw materials.
. Everything under one roof-All the manufacturing, branding, labeling packaging and shipping are all done under the same roof.
. High service standards- we take our products through rigorous testing before approving them for shipping to our clients.
. Strong and durable-Our headsets are made using strong materials that can withstand small accidents and do not break easily. They are durable and are guaranteed to serve your purposes for a long long time.
. Lightweight-you will barely feel uncomfortable when wearing headsets that we have manufactured. They are made of quality lightweight materials that will not weigh your head down allowing you to focus on your work.
. Quick delivery-Once you order from us, we make sure that we work tooth and nail to ensure you get the headsets right on time to avoid inconveniences.
. 24-hour customer support-At any stage of production or shipping should you want to know of the progress, we are available for all 24 hours of the day to address your concerns.

The advantage of MORBEAT product

There are numerous advantages you get to enjoy by choosing us as your quality headset suppliers. A few of those advantages include;

. Attractive design-we take time to design our headsets and only move on to the production stage once we are satisfied that the design we settle on is the one that will appeal to the buyers the most.

. Eco friendly-we help contribute towards a cleaner, less polluted environment by using both degradable and recyclable materials.
Variety-we feature different types of headsets with different features. We are aware that different clients desire different demands to be fulfilled.

. Safety assurance- At our headset OEM Factory, we only use human-friendly raw materials to make the headsets. We use hypoallergenic silicone on the earpieces which is also considered medical grade.

. Trouble free transportation- It can be tedious trying to maneuver the transportation of headsets, especially when purchasing in bulk. While working towards enhancing customer experience, we ensure that we properly package your order and monitor it during shipping up until it reaches you.


With the above pointers, it is clear why we are the leading headset suppliers in China. We focus solely on satisfying your needs as our client. We vow to deliver to you nothing short of top-notch headsets that will serve your purposes flawlessly for years.

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